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If you require certification in practical skills such as chainsaw use, need to learn how to identify dragonflies, or want to find out the best way to get the community involved in your project then this is the section to read.

We include details of many professional courses in the online short courses pages. There are also sections for longer courses, training centres and other events (eg conferences).


Sometimes you need that extra qualification or require some suggestions from someone with more experience than you. or if you are running an events and want to tell the world or just the countryside sector then consider the CJS Training Directory for advertising.



Pages in this Section


Short Courses: professional training events of one to ten days in length on all subjects from NVC to ranger training, community involvement to how to build your own wind turbine. Inlcudes details of work day parties.

Long courses: as short courses but of longer duration. This section includes adverts for MSc and degree courses also day release or for courses which are run intermittently eg one day per week for three weeks.

Distance Learning: Sometimes it is just not possible or practical to commit to a longer course, distance learning can provide the answer by allowing you to study in your own time at home.

Events: these are professional events which are not necessarily training focused such as an annual conference or fayre.

Training Centres and Providers: contact details for training and event providers.


Surveys and Fieldwork, Opportunities to gain skills whilst helping with data gathering.