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Information for Advertisers

How to advertise anything with CJS:  This page asks a series of questions which then direct you to the relevant information and submission forms so whether you're advertising for a paid post, a training course or yourself start here.

Testimonials: We think we offer a pretty good service, fortunately lots of you agree. See what advertisers and readers had to say.

To advertise a job click here.


Information about CJS

About Us: Who we are, what we do, where we are.

Profile: What you'll find on this website

Endorsements: We're delighted to be endorsed by the rangers associations of Scotland, England and Wales, find out more here.

Our Featured Charities: Information on our Current Featured Charity plus all their details, articles written for CJS.  Also details of previously supported charities.  Information about the charities and why we chose them.

Our terms and conditions including our privacy policy and complaint procedure.


Generally Useful Information

Links: Some links to other useful websites. 

Glossary: Every profession develops it's own jargon which helps the experience but confuses the beginner.  Our glossary is by no mean comprehensive but it does list many of the more frequently encountered abbreviations, acronyms, buzz words and jargon.  NB: this page has been archived and is no longer updated.


In-depth features

CJS Focus: Each edition features a different area of the sector.  CJS Focus is primarily an information resource for our readers; the aim being to expand knowledge of specific area of the sector and to provide valuable information thereby increasing the current knowledge of our readers who are all in the conservation, countryside & environment sector.

Access the archive of articles from previous CJS Focus editions.

Articles specifically on volunteering from both employer and participant view points.


Information useful for Job Seekers

Helpful Hints: Suggestions and some guidelines for job applicants. From your first foray in even thinking about a countryside career to your interview.

Useful Organisations: Details of the main countryside professional bodies and major charities.

Volunteer Organisations:  Details of organisations offering placements for people willing to work as volunteers, sometimes in return for training.


Grants and Funding

Details of organisations offering financial assistance. Usually for organisations but sometimes help for individuals.



FAQ's - does what it says on the tin!

Quick FAQ's even shorter


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